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The Bike and Beyond: Life on two wheels in Aotearoa New Zealand

The bicycle is a time machine, a link to the past. But sometimes the bicycle also feels like a link to the future – not the future we once imagined, the one with flying cars and replicators, but more like the one the Victorians might have pictured: streets crowded with bikes, strange ones of all kinds.

The Bike and Beyond is part of Bridget Williams Books’ BWB Texts series of short book on big subjects.

The Blue Moments Project

The Blue Moments Project is the result of a multi-year collaboration between Laura Williamson and composer Angela Mote, which produced a sequence of works that gives new meaning to the phrase “music and lyrics”.

Some spoken, some instrumental and some sung, the ‘Blue Moments’ pieces range from haunting to soulful to funny. Working from Laura’s poems, which explore what it is to be foreign and what it means to become a New Zealander, Angela took both literal and rhythmic cues to interpret the original writing as music.